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I have had a lifelong love of poultry. Over the last forty years hens, ducks, geese, turkeys and quail have entered my life. I have shown and judged poultry and eggs and continue to exhibit whenever I can. I have also been involved in educating others in keeping and managing birds by attending shows with live displays and giving talks on starting up poultry flocks and encouraging people to get involved in this fascinating hobby.

For a long time, I was struck by the lack of attractive poultry jewellery, so I decided to do something about it and design them myself! It took some time to create the designs and find a silversmith to create them. I have now added other pieces to form different collections, some of which have been sourced from other talented UK designers and makers.

Now my love of poultry has turned into my jewellery and giftware business.

You’ll love wearing my unique poultry and bird jewellery with many pieces designed in house.

The business has expanded to include many other animals, all of which have been crafted to give you a fun and special piece of eye-catching jewellery. My collection of 925 sterling silver pieces is evolving as time goes by.



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You know you need a nice, neat, notable and naturally necessary necklace


Then you add a pair of excellent, enchanting, exquisite and enduring earrings


Or go for the splendid, superb, sublime sleek silver set

Jewellery inspired by a love of Birds and Animals

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